As I first began traveling to Botswana in 2004, I fell in love with not only the animals, people, but also the lifestyle. I enjoy 4 wheeling, photography, talking to various people and I remember the first day out on the trucks I said “I want this job- to be a guide!”

So I made the dream come true!


It took nearly 14 years to get there because of other things happening in my life, but the dream and passion were never far from my thoughts. I wanted to combine all my talents and dreams into a reality. I began with selling my photography and than in 2018, I decided to pursue going to Botswana, attending the Okavango Guiding School and learning more about what it takes to be a Safari Guide in Africa.

It was beyond my wildest dreams that at the age of 55, I would start my own travel business down to Botswana and work with another outfitter to begin taking groups over to see the wonders of Africa.

I hope to inspire new photographers, but more than anything, to have people begin finding their own adventures out in this fantastic world we live in.