Photography & travel are two things I enjoy in life
and decided to create a business that
would allow me to follow my dream.

Travel allows you to get out of your comfort zone and explore other cultures & enjoy scenic places. My explorations began early on but truly took on a bigger desire after cancer. My first trip to Africa really stirred something inside of me and my photography business was created.

Jump ahead 10 years, I was raising my two sons, sold our Guest Ranch and got a divorce. I found myself with a second diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Throughout my treatments, all I could think about was returning to Africa.

My desire to travel, take pictures and pursue a career as a Safari Guide all go hand in hand. In March of 2018, I traveled to Botswana to become a guide in Africa. I spent 6 weeks in the bush and came away from that experience more enthused about my work as a photographer, but also started Kleisurely Travels to bring people down to Botswana to enjoy the outdoors, wildlife & people of Africa as much as I do.

Why I Love What I Do.
  • Travel to fascinating places and meet people from all walks of life
  • I get to create art that others can enjoy
  • Gives me a reason to explore and find new exciting adventures
  • Spend time with wildlife and watch animal behaviors
  • Open my own eyes to the beauty that surrounds us everyday
  • Beyond photography I have two sons, Brandon, who is a fantastic singer/songwriter and & mechanic. Chad is pursuing a career in the Navy. I enjoy travel, photography, skiing, ATV’ing & spending time with family, friends & my dog Charlie.


I want to inspire new photographers & light a passion for wildlife & conservation to all those who view my work.